1 July 2021, Winter, Rainy Day
I was so excited to see my parent Katherine coming back home. As usual, I went to greet her with excitement. I love being with her. Well, I mean all times! Just can't live without her. Katherine go and make a tea as usual. Sitting down on the couch and I sat on her lap.
And then, she began to tell me something. Something I didn't want to hear. Never!
"Catyz, I love you so much! You are such a cutie whenever you are! Wherever I go, I always miss you! Now, I need to miss you dearly all days but you won't be living with me onwards." Katherine said.
I asked why. She said that it was really hard to meet both ends due to Coronavirus.  l lost my job today. I have savings but I simply can't meet both ends easily. Hard choice but I need to send you over to West Town Adoption Centre.
I told her that I couldn't live without her.
"West Town Adoption Centre has many caring staff members and volunteers. You won't go hungry and bored. Most importantly, they love animals! I need to send you there tomorrow. This is our last night together. Come and sleep with me over my bed tonight." I agreed but saddened.
2 July 2021, Winter, Cloudy Day
Me and Katherine arrived West Town Adoption Centre. Katherine told the reception about the appointment. The receptionist asked us to sit down and wait for arrangement.
Afterwards, I was accommodated in a cage. Katherine told me she comes to visit me once a month.
"Honey, I can't visit you everyday. I need to save bucks. But, I will come to visit you once a month because I really miss you. I really don't want you to be here but I left no choice. Enjoy your company here. See you next time."
We both cried and farewell.

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