Mary's Diary, Page 1

Mary's Diary, Page 1


18 September 2021, Saturday


I visited my local pet shelter today. At first, I did not like to see dogs. Maybe I think dogs are scary because they always bark. So I decided to pay to a visit to the cat world.

I took a deep breath and approached cats there. Just sat down and approached one cat with my palm down on their back. They just walked away. Not only one but all of them! What did I do wrong? I did not attack them or act aggressively. It seems like they all rejected me! Well, sad story. So, I gave it another go. So, I went to play toys with them. Well, unsuccessful attempts.

The vet and volunteers were so busy that day. So, I did not have a chance to ask for their advice why did they behave such 'frightened' or 'unfriendly' ways. Or simply say it was hard to connect with them.

After several hours, I gave up and went home.

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