Mary's Diary, Page 2

Mary's Diary, Page 2


19 September 2021, Sunday


Yay! Today is my favorite day! My socialize day!

Also, today is the day of a wonderful journey into my pet world!

What makes it special today is that my friends are all pet lovers! Yes! All of them!

Actually, the conversations are full of fun, sweet and touching stories!

Jane, who has been living with her cat Kitty for almost five years, treats her like a princess! When Jane touches the area under Kitty's muzzle. Kitty always purr and enjoys so much of the intimate moments.

So, I had a question in mind: The cats didn't even want me to touch them. So, how can I make my first move to make friend with them?

I asked Jane.

Mary: "Not all cats behave the same way they are. They have different characters. Some cats don't even like to approach you for the first few times. Firstly, all we need to do to make a connection with cats is approaching a cat naturally, slowly and gently by reaching his or her level. Then, we can offer a gentle hand for him or her to sniff."

After catching up and enjoying nice conversations with Jane and other friends. I went home and sleep. Such an awesome day! 

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