How To Help My Dog Or Puppy Keep Good Hygiene

Get Rid of Your Canine Friend's Hygiene Problem Once And For All!

Written by DVM (st.) Sara Castano
Cats or dogs? That’s right. There’s only one right answer to that question. DOGS. Dogs are man’s best friend and one of the things we humans enjoy the most is running around with our dogs and seeing them happy. Even if this means giving them a HUGE bath after their walk outside. This doesn’t just include washing their fur.


Keeping My Pup Clean

There are many things you have to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your dog squeaky clean. First of all, keep in mind that a dog isn’t supposed to even BE squeaky clean. We must let dogs be dogs and not get obsessed with having them smelling like perfume 24/7 because that’s not going to happen, but they can smell like a healthy, clean dog!

Make Sure You Are Using The Right Shampoo

There are different kinds of shampoo based of the kind of fur your dog has. Some dogs have long shiny, straight hair. Some have short, curly fur and some have a sort of mix you can’t even identify. We recommend starting out with a basic shampoo and intentionally using it so this way you can identify any changes your dog has after you bathe them. How did their coat look after the bath? Did they have an allergic reaction? Did this shampoo make any hair fall out? If not, then continue using the same one. If your dog has any sort of symptom after using the shampoo, consider switching to another shampoo or ask your veterinarian for a friendly recommendation.

Bath Frequency

Evaluate how frequently you feel your dog needs a bath. Ask yourself these kinds of questions: does my dog have a certain smell? Does he like to go out and play in the dirt frequently? Does his breath smell bad? Does he jump on the beds at home or he has his own space? Depending on you and your dogs needs and habits, you will choose how often you should bathe him. The minimum should be about 14- 20 days, as dogs are very prone to dermatitis if they are scrubbed with shampoo too many times in a month. This doesn’t allow the natural skin oils to be spread over the body and can cause fungal or bacterial infections.

Think About The Other Body Parts That Need Hygiene

There are multiple things to remember when keeping your dog clean. Make sure your dog has an outstanding oral hygiene. One of the most common diseases in canines are periodontal disease and this can lead to a serious bacterial infection in the blood. Try brushing their teeth once or twice per week with a special liquid or toothpaste made especially for dogs. Avoid using human toothpaste as this has fluoride and this can be toxic for pets. You can also find a variety of dog cookies at the pet shop that are special for teeth cleaning. Checking your dog’s nails is extremely important as this can help you identify injuries or behavioural issues. Sometimes dogs tend to bite off their nails when in a stressful environment or when they are dealing with pain and do not have any way of telling their owners. Make sure you keep them trimmed (if you have experience) or take them to the veterinarian to get a proper trim. Also remember to always check ears for accumulation of ear wax, redness or swelling, and overall make sure the ears do not have a foul smell, as this might indicate presence of fungi such as Malassezia or bacterial infections. Follow all of these steps to make sure your dog is getting the best care. We know you’re a great owner because just reading this article online says that you care!

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