Get Rid of Your Feline Friend's Hygiene Problem Once And For All!

Written by DVM (st.) Sara Castano
Did you get a new cat? If you ask us, cats are one of the most amazing animals out there. Respected by the Egyptians because of their rodent-catching skills and sophisticated nature, we understand why you decided to pick a cat instead of a dog. As sophisticated as they are, our kitty cats sometimes need help to be able to be as clean and beautiful as they always are.
Doesn't my cat clean himself or herself?
Yes! They do give themselves regular baths by licking their fur. Feline tastebuds are pointy, in comparison to ours, which are rounded. This is why they are able to produce a brush-like effect while they clean themselves and are able to capture any debris that can get caught in their fur. They also do this for a couple of different reasons such as regulating body temperature through saliva, distributing natural skin oils or even to show signs of affection! However, this modified tongue can’t reach every corner, and this is the exact reason why you should bathe your cat.
How am I supposed to bathe my cat if cat hates water?
Since they like to clean themselves, lucky you! This means you only have to give them a bath every 6-8 weeks (depending on how often your cat goes outside or gets dirty). When bathing them, make sure you are using a rubber mat. This helps your cat and you as well, as it won’t be able to slip away and you won’t have as many scratches from your cat trying to stand up correctly. Make sure you are using the right shampoo for your cat, as most flea shampoos are not safe for cats, especially if they are very young. If you feel like your cat is having a negative experience, gets very stressed and begins to constantly meow and escape, consider taking it to a professional pet groomer. They have all the necessary tools to give your cat a comfortable bath, leaving them nice and shiny and they’ll even give your cat a cute bandana!
Brush your furry friend
For some reason, it seems like cats are aware of their apparent superiority, and they know they deserve pampering from their humans. Make sure you get yourself a nice slicker brush as these help untangle, remove knots and dirt that is stuck in the fur. It will leave your cat nicely groomed and shiny! A bonus to slicker brushes is that this will reduce the amount of vacuuming you have to do because you’ll be capturing most of the fur on the brush.
Make sure you have a litter pan
Make sure you buy a clumping litter for your pan, as well as a scoop and keep the litter clump free. This will make your cat feel more comfortable and able to use the pan over and over again until they get accustomed. Remove faeces from the pan at least an hour after (hopefully as soon as they go) as this can have bacteria, parasites or quickly develop fungi and can be transmitted to your cat or even you (if your cat manages to catch any infection that can infect the human as well). Follow these basic steps to have a safe and clean kitty cat.

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