Why Some People Almost Always Adopt A Dog From Animal Shelter?

Why Some People Almost Always Adopt A Dog From Animal Shelter?

Written by DVM (st.) Sara Castano   

Why Adopt?

Why adopt? Well the OBVIOUS reason is that you’re basically saving a life. Hundreds of dogs get abandoned every single day and find themselves confronting difficulties that they are not evolved to. They very quickly develop nutritional, behavioral and dermatologic issues that can only be solved by a visit to the veterinarian and in this condition (abandonment) they are not able to receive the help they need.

Saving Your Bucks

If you want to save a couple of bucks, well consider adopting a dog. Take this as a chance at getting a completely free dog, and the money you’d be spending on a pup, will be able to go straight to the most important things in a new canine member of the family: cost of spay/neuter, microchipping (very important so you never lose your bff!), and vaccines. Actually, you’d be saving so much money that you’d also be able to schedule him/her an appointment with the nutritionist and even buy your dog the best food! Another amazing reason why adopting a dog is a great idea is that, sadly dogs are becoming a public health issue.

Street Dog

With so many of them walking around and forming packs, they are slowly becoming a danger to human health. Dogs have to defecate, urinate and for this, they use the space available to them. If all they have is the street, they will do this on the street where thousands of humans walk by every single day and some dogs might have microorganisms that can affect humans and cause disease. With an increase in dog purchase thanks to an incredibly high offer through social media, more and more people are buying pure breeds and abandoning them after discovering the true responsibility of having a dog. When you adopt a dog, you are contributing to society and decreasing the amount of dogs wandering the streets. You are giving a dog a home and an opportunity to live a happy, healthy life. By adopting a dog, you are making room for others to come live at the shelter and have an opportunity to find someone as special as you!

Positive Ripple Effect

So, understand that by adopting one, you are not just helping one, but every other animal that comes after them. You are also not supporting puppy mills. These are shelters that are specific for dog reproduction and sometimes, if not certified, they might have dogs living in terrible conditions just to be able to extract puppies for sale. And last, but definitely not least, but definitely something worth reading is: You will never find a more grateful being than a dog you adopt. Even if you think dogs do or do not have a sense of rationalization, this is something that is 100% true. They know what is going on and they have a sense of memory. They will never forget that when you came along, their life changed in the most incredible ways. They will remember you gave them a bed, a bowl, the most delicious food, and unconditional love that you gave them. Keep all of these things in mind next time you can’t decide and make the best choice for you!

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