Dog Breed 101: German Shepherd

  Written by Dr. Muqeet Mushtaq DVM, MS ABG (Animal Breeding and Genetics)


Intelligent and trained, the ever-popular German shepherd is quite lively and likes to have somewhat to do. Therefore, they want ample daily exercise daily; otherwise, they become mischievous or high-strung.


As their name suggests, German shepherd dogs were bred in Germany. It was developed in the late 1810s by crossing various herd breeds. The breed was heavily selective, and it moved fast. In Britain, dogs are known as Alsatians because fans of the breed wanted to protect the dog from anti-German sentiment after World War I.

German shepherd dogs were introduced to the United States by soldiers returning from World War I. Due to movies like Strong heart and Rin Tin Tin, this breed captured the public eye. Until World War II, German shepherds were the military breed of choice for dogs. The first guide of dogs was on German shepherd dogs. Today, he is one of America's most famous dogs. In 1999, German shepherd dogs were ranked third on the American Kennel Club's Top 50 Breeds list.

The German Shepherd Dog is a breed known for its courage, loyalty and protection. This breed makes an excellent guard dog, police dog, military dog, guide dog for the blind and search and rescue dog. For many families, the German shepherd is also a valued family pet.


German shepherds are the best with children and other pets if raised with them. But you must watch them because they are very fierce but and love to interrogate strangers. This dog breed is considered innovative and easy to guide.

Some untrained German shepherd dogs can be ferocious and nervous. Poor social and inadequate training, over-protection and aggressive behaviour are at risk.


Because German shepherd dogs are enormous and powerful and have a strong ability to monitor anything, you should be very careful when buying them. So always buy it from reputable breeders. These dogs should stay with the family and look after the people and other pets around them. They should not be confined to a separate room or backyard alone or with other dogs.

German shepherd dogs are very active and want to do something every time. They need a lot of exercises every day. Otherwise, they get stressed.

The German shepherd is heavy shedders. To avoid shedding and keep the coat nice, brush at.

Breed Characteristics

Weight Range:

  • Male: 75-95 lbs. 
  • Female: 75-95 lbs.

Height at Withers:

  • Male: 25 inches
  • Female: 23 inches

Other Body Features

  • Ears: Upright ears (naturally)
  • Exercise Requirements: >40 minutes/day
  • Energy Levels: Average
  • Longevity Ranges: 10-12 yrs.
  • The Trend to Drool: Low 
  • The Tendency to Snore: Low
  • The Tendency to Bark: Low
  • The trend to Dig: Low 
  • Social/Attention Requirements: Moderate
  • Bred For: Herding, Guard dog

Coat Characteristic

  • Coat Length: Medium
  • Coat Features: Double coat
  • Coat Colours: Most colours, usually tan, black, brown etc
  • Grooming Requirements: Moderate
Club Recognition
  • AKC Classifications: Herding
  • UKC Classifications: Herding Dog

The German shepherd is an excellent proportionate dog. They are classified as single-coat, double-coat, triple-coat. German shepherd dogs should receive social and obedience training early to prevent aggressive behaviour.

Their head is broad and beautifully formed to look smooth and sharp. The ears are large and straight. The back is a little lower than the shoulders with bulky muscles, and the tail is hairy and has curves downwards. The coat is thick and rough and maybe black, tan, black and tan or grey. The skin should be tight and of medium length.

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