Dog Breed 101: Greyhound

 Written by Dr. Muqeet Mushtaq DVM, MS ABG (Animal Breeding and Genetics)


The Greyhound is an intelligent, calm and gentle dog breed. Despite his athletic ability, he enjoys sleeping most of the day. Short on endurance, it needs less exercise time than most dogs.

Greyhound is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, dating back to early cave drawings more than 8,000 years ago.


Greyhound is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, tracing ancient cave drawings and ancient Egyptian artefacts dating back more than 8,000 years. There are many various explanations for the source of the name Greyhound. One recommendation is that the original Greyhound was mostly grey. Another reason is that the name comes from the Old English "grey", which means dog and "hound", which means hunter. The name comes from the term greyhound because the dog arrived in England through the Greeks.

Whatever the name's origin, it is still the most incredible dog ever seen in art and literature throughout history. This dog breed has long been associated with royalty. English law commanded that no "mean person" be allowed to be in the thread from the eleventh to the fourteenth centuries.

For thousands of years, the Greyhound has left their prey behind to hunt. High-speed dogs, the Greyhound, can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. The dog is also exquisite and athletic, can easily maneuver and guess every move of its prey.

Careful breeding and control over the years have made the Greyhound a knowledgeable, loving companion.


The Greyhound has a very gentle and calm temperament. Because the Greyhound hunt and run in groups, aggression against other dogs has been eradicated from the breed. The dog has a solid hunting drive and may not be appropriate for tiny houses such as apartments.

The Greyhound is often lenient with children and, being non-aggressive, usually avoids barking or fighting. Despite his athletic abilities, he enjoys sleeping at home most of the day. These dogs are not very tolerant and need less exercise time than most dogs.


Like all canines, greyhounds have a strong tendency to chase. Even so, they can stay with other pets unless they have enough time for socializing and training. This dog is the best pet for a family that wants a big dog, but it is clean and tidy.

The Greyhound is a regular shedder, and the short coat doesn't need much preparation.

This dog needs a safe place to run, but it doesn't take long to exercise, as some people think. This breed has been called the "apple of 40 miles per hour." The Greyhound is a friendly pack breed and will quickly adopt a family.

Breed Characteristic

Weight Range:

  1. Male: 65-70 lbs.
  2. Female: 60-65 lbs.

Height at Withers:

  1. Male: 30 inches
  2. Female: 28 inches

Other Body Features

  • Face: Dolichocephalic (long face)
  • Exercise Requirements: 20-40 minutes/day
  • Energy Levels: Laidback
  • Longevity Ranges: 10-13 yrs.
  • The tendency to Drool: Low 
  • The tendency to Snore: Low
  • The tendency to Bark: Low
  • The tendency to Dig: Low 
  • Social/Attention Needs: Moderate
  • Bred For: Catching hares

    Body Coat Characteristic

    • Coat Length: Short
    • Coat type: Flat
    • Coat Colours: Almost all colours with patches
    • Overall Grooming Needs: Low

    Club Recognition

    • AKC Classifications: Hound
    • UKC Classifications: Sighthounds & Pariahs
    • Prevalence: Common

    The Greyhound is designed for speed with a robust and muscular body. Their neck and head are long. The waist is slightly arched, the chest is deep, and the core is narrow, giving the dog a distinctive shape.

    The coat is short, flat and easy to maintain. The skin comes in various colours, including white, red, grey and bright colours. Greyhounds have virtually no body fat, and pet parents need to make sure the dog is provided with soft, comfortable places to rest, or pressure sores can develop quickly.


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